Show Notes

E7 - The Handmaid's Tale of a Driving Fear

Who doesn't like a good dystopian story? Well, it turns out David, a huge fan of dystopian novels, simply can't take the reality of The Handmaid's Tale. The Hulu series, which was adapted from a 1985 Margaret Atwood novel, has kept him up at night since watching the first episode. His fear is that the story will become reality and he'll be turned into a sex slave. Kevin tries to move David to a more reasonable perspective but to no avail. 

Kevin's "anxiety" of the week was the stress he feels when he realizes he may have left a Chapstick in his pocket before placing his pants in the dryer. No one wants a waxy mess in the dryer. The conversation quickly moves to Chapstick conspiracy theories in which David insists the manufacturers add ingredients that actually make lips more dry. There's no proof of this claim but it's compelling - especially to those addicted to Chapstick. Uh-hmm, David. 

David introduces the main topic, his recent anxiety of driving on the highway. He shares the story from last July in which he had a panic attack while driving a friend home. There's nothing quite as fun as plunging into a sweaty, trembling paranoid delusion while traveling 70 MPH. To offer some hope to those who have a similar anxiety, David discusses how he overcame this fear. Then, Kevin shocks everyone by revealing that he hates wearing a seatbelt because he's afraid that if his car plunges into the water he won't be able to free himself. Luckily, Kevin's future mother-in-law saved the day by giving Kevin a seatbelt knife as a gift. Who knew they made those? That then leads to a quick discussion about infomercials and the anxiety they create in order to get you to buy the item - like when the commercial shows a women throwing her back out as she tries to lift a case of bottled water and then caves in a buys a water filtration system instead. 

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