Show Notes

E8 - Jessica Kirson Joins Terrifyingly Beautiful

Wow. What an honor to have comedian Jessica Kirson on the show. The episode starts with some housekeeping items such as visiting our social media and giving us a shoutout on iTunes. Then Kevin talks about the fear he feels when he's listening to his playlist while driving and then song has a police siren in it. He freaks and and panics as to whether there's actually a police officer behind him and what did he do wrong. And what's the etiquette when there actually is a police officer trying to get past you? Do you stop, pull over, swerve? 

David shares the story of when he and some friends were pulled over by police in New Hampshire and his friend jokingly tells the cop that he has black tar Mexican heroin in the trunk. David passes out and falls down the embankment and the cop had to rescue him. 

David raises the topic of extroverts vs. introverts. He's an introvert yet he's married to an extrovert. Can they co-exist? Do they really understand each other. Are introverts shy? All of these questions are answered. 

Jessica is brought into the conversation and is asked about the fear of offending others, which should be center on her mind seeing as though she's a comedian. Jessica shares stories of her early career and then time she was kicked off the stage at a Catholic college in New York because she used the phrase "Jesus Christ."

We discuss a bit of everything: overeating, Jewish mothers, Stephen Colbert's cock holster joke, Jessica's Fat Pig podcast, and her awesome youtube channel called The Jessie K Show. 

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David Robert