Show Notes

Terrifyingly Beautiful E2 - Wine and Dead Nuns Under the Bed

Welcome to the show notes for episode 2 of Terrifyingly Beautiful.

This second episode picks up where the first one left off... HOTELS!! But before Kevin shares some witty observations about his fear of hotel rooms, we plow through about 10,000 other topic such as wine (we love a good glass, or two, of red wine), the Golden Girls, our wonderful moms, cancer, beauty tips, and finally mediums.  

When we finally return to the topic of hotel rooms, Kevin tells David that while he is laying in bed he often thinks about the possibility that someone had previously died in that room. What kind of sicko is he? LOL. He shares a story of one hotel in which a dead body was discovered stuffed into the box spring of one of the beds - but only after five guests had used the room. And when they uncovered the body, it was a man dressed as a nun. Uh, I'll be checking out now.

What are your hotel horror stories? We'd love to hear from you.

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