Show Notes

E15 - Steve Jobs Car Slobs

We've all been there. You're driving down the road singing along to Cher's Believe and you feel your cell phone slide into the crease between your seat and the center console. A normal person would just continue driving until they reached their destination or pull over into a safe place to retrieve the phone. Nope. Not us. We have to get that phone back onto our lap ASAP. Sound familiar? You may suffer from nomophobia, the fear of being separated from your smartphone. 90% of us suffer from the phobia. Now that's serious. 

Before Kevin shares some research on how common the disorder is, we talk about what's stressed us out recently. Coincidentally, David talks about the stress he feels when he tries to eat a granola bar while driving. Crumbs everywhere! And when the crumbs start to fall, so too does the driver's eyes. That can't be safe. Kevin decides to build on David's stressor by sharing the details of a story he recently read about the top 10 most dangerous food to eat while driving. 

10 - Chocolate
9 - Soft drinks
8 - Jelly doughnuts
7 - Fried chicken
6 - BBQ
5 - Hamburgers
4 - Chili
3 - Tacos
2 - Soup
1 - Coffee

I still think Lo-Main would be more dangerous to eat while driving, But what do I know. 

Kevin then turns the focus to his main topic, nomophobia, which keeps autocorrecting to homophobia. Ugh. A rent study asked college students what they'd rather go without in order to keep their smartphone. 60% of teenagers would rather lose a pinky finger for life rather than not have their smartphone. That's not a typo. With the surge of smartphones, we can't seem to get enough. We have created an entire generation of people who are emotionally attached to their phones. Pretty soon we won't even talk to each other. We'll just text emojis to let others know how we feel. There's way too much research shared in the episode to dump it all here so you'll have to listen to get some interesting data on how pervasive this phobia is. Scary stuff. 

As always we sign off with our signature closing: Life is crazy. You don't have to be. Although crazy is way more fun. 

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