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Terrifyingly Beautful's Anxietini 2 - Our Anxiety-filled Trip to Cuba!

Welcome to the show notes for Terrifyingly Beautiful's second mini episode... All about Cuba. The Cuba trip was literally a terrifyingly beautiful experience.

We talk about the sheer terror we experienced in the days leading up to our trip. Would Cuba be safe? Are Americans really allowed to travel there? How much cash do I need? What if I run out? Ugh. Too much stress.

We light-heartedly banter about the accommodations, the crappy classic cars, the potholes as large as Delaware, and the single piece of toilet paper that the entire country was pining after. 

Kevin had a vastly different experience in Cuba than me. Although I started the trip feeling as though I was touring Aleppo, I ended the trip with a sincere love for Havana. I would definitely return, but without Kevin and with 12 rolls of 2-ply toilet paper. I wasn't kidding about that one sheet. 

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