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E9 - Granny Smiths in the Basement and Flowers in the Attic

How many of us have a fear of basements? I'm guessing all of us. Is it a fear of the unknown? What about monsters? Spiders? Kevin and David eventually tackle all of those questions but first they talk about what stressed them out this week. 

David starts by talking about how the universe id out to get him because he's allergic to just about everything: coconuts, almonds, soy and now Granny Smith apples. When he eats one his tongue and throat get all itchy and swollen. He references an article published on in which research suggests that this tingling sensation is actually a response to pollen. Kevin then reveals that he, too, has the sample sensation when he eats celery. Everyone should just stop eating fruits and vegetables. Kevin suggests a diet of Cheese-Its and mayo.

Kevin shares his stressor of the week, the agonizing decision as to whether or not to commit to a tv show. Both hosts shared stories of the countless weekends of binge walking shows like Lost and True Blood. Committing to a tv show is not a decision one should make lightly. PS: Somehow the conversation turned to Cher. LOL

For the big topic, Kevin describes his childhood fear of basements. When he was 14 his mom told him that their house used to be a funeral parlor. OMG! And there was an embalming fluid tank in the basement. Although he never saw a ghost or demon, his mother was convinced that "basement people" would come out at night. I believe her. Although David should be trying to calm Kevin down, he reveals his own fear of the basement. He even has stuff piled up next to the basement door because he refuses to go into the basement if no one is home. And he's a grown man. 

The duo finally arrive at the conclusion that the fear is irrational but legit - if that's possible. I don't think either has truly gotten over the fear but David did commit to going ingot he basement alone as soon as the show was over. Let's wait to see if there's an episode 10.

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