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Terrifyingly Beautiful's Anxietini 1 - We Read a Listener's Email

Welcome to the show notes for the first mini episode of Terrifyingly Beautiful. 

We love, love, love you, our listeners. You're way funnier than we are, and some of you are way more anxious - although that's hard to believe. In this mini episode, We read an email from "K.C." (we used her initials to protect her from trolls, stalkers, and the staff from the hotel whose bathroom she destroyed). 

It turns out "K.C." loved our Poop podcast so much she just had to write in to share a story about the early stages of the relationship between she and her boyfriend. A few months after dating, they were staying at a hotel and she got up first to get her bathroom business done. Well, her "business" was just a hair too big to flush and it caused a bit of a backflow issue. With no plunger or an escape hatch available, she had no choice but to call on her boyfriend to save the day. There's noting like a humiliating poop situation to bring two lovebirds together. 

Everything worked out just fine. "K.C." reports that she and the boyfriend are still together and their take on the whole thing is, "if our relationship can survive that, we'll be together for eternity." 

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Terrifyingly Beautiful E3 - The Facts of Life and One of Those Facts is Poop

Welcome to the show notes for episode 3 of Terrifyingly Beautiful. 

Okay, we talk about poop in the episode. A lot. Calm down. We all do it. Well, except Kevin. Long story but he tells us why in the episode. The conversation starts with a conversation about Kevin's adorable Chihuahua, Tootie, who oversees the podcast recording while resting on her Britney Spears pillow. Love her. Tootie that is! That then leads to a discussion about The Facts of Life. What ever happened to Jo? Loved her, too!

We finally get to the main topic, poop. David recounts his fear since childhood of having to go poop in a public restroom. He can't be the only one, can he? You gotta listen to him tell the story of when he ran out of toilet paper in an airport restroom and decided to shimmy his way into the next stall, and then got caught halfway under the stall wall when another patron opened the stall door. Can you say "embarrassing." 

Thankfully for David, Kevin has some solid advice as he, too, suffered with the exact same issue but was able to overcome it. There is hope for David and everyone else suffering from Parcopresis. Yup, there's a name for it. 

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