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E10 - The Ocean is Snot Fun

The episode starts off with some housekeeping items such as a review of our social media and website and call to action to rate and review us on iTunes. Then we jump into the discussion of what stressed us out that week. David raises the topic of dust. After receiving a rather strange look from Kevin, he offers a more detailed description. David clarifies that by dust he is not referring to the Philip Pullman trilogy, His Dark Materials, in which dust is a metaphor for sin. If that were the case, David would be buried up to his chin in dust. Instead, David was talking about actual dust in his house. Where the heck does the dust come from? Kevin offered a theory from the Robert Fulghum book, All I really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten. Dust is meteor residue. So don't panic about the dust as it's a piece of our universe. Ugh. Sounds like an excuse to not dust the house. 

Kevin then shares his week's stressor: A dangling booger. He talked about the anxiety he gets when he sneezes and then thinks he might have snot hanging out of his nose. The conversation quickly turn to personal stories of seeing someone with a "dangler." Kevin offered a tip to discreetly inform someone they have a snot issue. He suggests you approach them and tell them they have some dry skin there (as you point to your own nose.) "hey, you've got some dry skin there!" Sounds gentle enough. We'll have to test it out. 

David then raises his big topic. He tells Kevin he's terrified of the ocean. He does balance that by sharing that he finds the ocean to be both terrifying and beautiful. Kevin immediately jumps in and says the ocean is all terrifying. It's clear Kevin will not offer much comfort to David this week. David runs through the list of ocean-based fears: sharks, barracuda, stingrays, jellyfish, goliath groupers (you gotta check out our Instagram for pics). How can we live in the Ocean State and be afraid of the ocean? David goes so far as to tell Kevin he looks for sharks in pools. 

The conversation ends with the weekly tagline: Life is crazy. You don't have to be." It's kind of catchy.