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E14 - We Get High on Life "Cereal"

This episode is all about the fear of heights! I can't even sit on a barstool without getting anxiety. Before we dig into the fear of high places, we send out a last cal for names for our demonic bear that we've been trying to hock on our website. We've received some awesome names so far but we're leaving the naming contest open for another week. To submit your name, just email us at

Kevin starts the conversation with what stressed him out this week. He's stressed that his body is giving out but we discover he more stressed that his birthday is coming up soon. Poor baby. Then as expected the conversation take a hard left turn and we start talking about a floor mat that acts as an alarm clock? No idea how we got on that topic. 

David's stressor was party planning. He and his partner host several big parties year and the planning is a huge bucket of stress. David HATES details. And apparently to throw a decent party you got have your shit together. If anyone has party planning tips please feel free to send them our way.

This week was David's week to raise the main topic. He select the fear of heights, which roughly 2%-5% of the population shares. David shares a bunch of stories about how his fear of heights has affected his life, although he hasn't let the fear hold him back. In 2013 he did the Sydney Bridge Climb. Now that's scary. Other situations when the fear kicks in: roller coasters, cliffs, high buildings, balconies, trees, bridges... Ugh. But not in airplanes. I'll never understand that. 

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