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E12 - I Got Friends in Tight Places

Why are there pockets of no wifi? It's 2017 for crying out loud. Clearly, David's stressor of the week is crappy wifi. We pay a fortune for Internet and cell service and we shouldn't have to suffer from "buffering." Kevin's stressor was the fear that the things we talk about during the podcast may be coming true. He tells the story of his friend, Tanya, who almost lost some serious cash at the ATM because it malfunctioned and ate her money. Damn!

David raises the topic of the week, his fear of closed spaces. Claustrophobia strikes about 5-10% of the global population. That seems low. How can anyone not be claustrophobic? Just the thought of being trapped and restricted gives David the shivers. David does tell a funny story about when he was a young teenager and hid under his friend's mattress in hopes of catching her make out with her boyfriend. He got caught when the boyfriend reached over the side of the bed and accidentally touched David's face. Surprise! David was glad he got caught because the claustrophobia was close to choking the life from him. 

Somehow we get onto the topic of Baby Jessica and the well, only to discover that she posed nude in Playboy recently. David responds with, "She went from the well to Well Hello!" Then the two list out all of the places someone with Claustrophobia should avoid: back seats of coupe cars, coffins, elevators, photo booths, empty fridges, dressing rooms, closets, etc. 

The episode closes with a strange conversation about porno outdoor theaters. No idea how we got there.