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E17 - We Hate Everyone Named Melissa

Calm down, Melissas. We love you. We just hate bees. And the fear of bees, coincidentally, is called Melissaphobia. Who knew?

Kevin kicks off the conversation with stories of his anxiety associated with taking out the trash. There's too much to screw up. Did I place recyclables in the wrong container? Are my trash bins facing the correct way? Did I place yard waste in the regular trash bin?

Then David shares his anxiety of being crammed into a crowded bus. He was returning from a trip and needed to get from the airport to the train station, and a friend recommended the commuter bus. Big mistake. It was 30 minutes of screaming children and BO. This is why God created Uber. #neveragain

Kevin then raises the topic that we've been waiting for, bees! He does raise some good points. Bees are the most deadly non-human animal, Not sure if this is true but it definitely supports our fear. We learn the difference between a European honey bee and an Africanized honey bee. It's surprising actually. European honey bees will give you about 20 seconds before it sees you as a threat. The Africanized honey bee will give you about 3 seconds. And the Africanized bees will pursue you for a longer distance. They aren't any more venomous but they are aggressive, which makes them more dangerous. 

Kevin recommends watching the movie, Swarm. Apparently every actor is in it. He also teaches us how to say Michael Caine the same way he does, Just say My Cocaine. LOL. It works. And staying on the movie theme, Kevin talks about the movie, My Girl. Remember Macauley Culkin dies at the end from bee stings. 

David shares his story of getting attacked by mud wasps when he was a kid. 30 stings. Ouch. And David learns that you shouldn't stay still if bees attack, which was always the advise people would give, you. The experts say you should run until they bees no longer pursue you. Now that's good advice. 

E16 - Get Your Spidey Senses Tingling

Well, it's finally here. The episode on spiders. We kick things off by thanking our listeners and reminding folks to submit a name for the demonic bear on our website. You can submit your entry at We will reveal the results sometime in 2023. 

We move to the discussion of what stressed us out this week. David tries to tell his story and Kevin starts to tease him about his frequent references to Phillip Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy. Ugh. When David is finally able to get a word in, he talks about the anxiety associated with being sick. Sore throat, must be cancer. Achy back, it's definitely Lupus. 

Kevin shares his anxiety associated with doing someone unconsciously such as washing his face with shampoo instead of face wash, or not recalling if he did something like 3 seconds earlier. Then the discussion turns to the carcinogenic qualities of beauty products. Ugh, something else to worry about. 

Then we talk about spiders, which are not insects by the way. They are arachnids along with ticks and scorpions. David is terrified of nearly every spider. Daddy long legs, no problem. But those ones with hair and joints, no F'ing way. David tells the story of when he and his partner bought a house in CT and the front lawn was covered in field spiders. They weigh like 5 pounds and have little daggers that they use to rip flesh from your body. And recluse or wolf spiders. NOOOOOOO. 

Kevin tries to offer some deprive by sharing some data on the beneficial qualities of spiders, like they eat insects and keep your house free of pests. This from a man who is scared of bees and doesn't care that they pollinate like 80% of our food. We then discuss the scientific reasons for why people are scared of spiders. Turns out we don't like angular things, things with jagged edges. And given that spiders are jagged, they fall into this category.  Another theory is that like a million years ago, spiders were bigger and more venomous so we have been conditioned to fear them. 


E15 - Steve Jobs Car Slobs

We've all been there. You're driving down the road singing along to Cher's Believe and you feel your cell phone slide into the crease between your seat and the center console. A normal person would just continue driving until they reached their destination or pull over into a safe place to retrieve the phone. Nope. Not us. We have to get that phone back onto our lap ASAP. Sound familiar? You may suffer from nomophobia, the fear of being separated from your smartphone. 90% of us suffer from the phobia. Now that's serious. 

Before Kevin shares some research on how common the disorder is, we talk about what's stressed us out recently. Coincidentally, David talks about the stress he feels when he tries to eat a granola bar while driving. Crumbs everywhere! And when the crumbs start to fall, so too does the driver's eyes. That can't be safe. Kevin decides to build on David's stressor by sharing the details of a story he recently read about the top 10 most dangerous food to eat while driving. 

10 - Chocolate
9 - Soft drinks
8 - Jelly doughnuts
7 - Fried chicken
6 - BBQ
5 - Hamburgers
4 - Chili
3 - Tacos
2 - Soup
1 - Coffee

I still think Lo-Main would be more dangerous to eat while driving, But what do I know. 

Kevin then turns the focus to his main topic, nomophobia, which keeps autocorrecting to homophobia. Ugh. A rent study asked college students what they'd rather go without in order to keep their smartphone. 60% of teenagers would rather lose a pinky finger for life rather than not have their smartphone. That's not a typo. With the surge of smartphones, we can't seem to get enough. We have created an entire generation of people who are emotionally attached to their phones. Pretty soon we won't even talk to each other. We'll just text emojis to let others know how we feel. There's way too much research shared in the episode to dump it all here so you'll have to listen to get some interesting data on how pervasive this phobia is. Scary stuff. 

As always we sign off with our signature closing: Life is crazy. You don't have to be. Although crazy is way more fun. 

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E14 - We Get High on Life "Cereal"

This episode is all about the fear of heights! I can't even sit on a barstool without getting anxiety. Before we dig into the fear of high places, we send out a last cal for names for our demonic bear that we've been trying to hock on our website. We've received some awesome names so far but we're leaving the naming contest open for another week. To submit your name, just email us at

Kevin starts the conversation with what stressed him out this week. He's stressed that his body is giving out but we discover he more stressed that his birthday is coming up soon. Poor baby. Then as expected the conversation take a hard left turn and we start talking about a floor mat that acts as an alarm clock? No idea how we got on that topic. 

David's stressor was party planning. He and his partner host several big parties year and the planning is a huge bucket of stress. David HATES details. And apparently to throw a decent party you got have your shit together. If anyone has party planning tips please feel free to send them our way.

This week was David's week to raise the main topic. He select the fear of heights, which roughly 2%-5% of the population shares. David shares a bunch of stories about how his fear of heights has affected his life, although he hasn't let the fear hold him back. In 2013 he did the Sydney Bridge Climb. Now that's scary. Other situations when the fear kicks in: roller coasters, cliffs, high buildings, balconies, trees, bridges... Ugh. But not in airplanes. I'll never understand that. 

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E13 - TriscuitFacebookPhobia

Why do we tolerate poor customer service? David's local Starbucks can't seem to get his drink order right. It's black iced tea, not the secret recipe for a molecular transcendental latte. It's ice and tea. That stressor launched us into a conversation about erections and watermelon and how David's grandfather told everyone he was no longer interested in living if he was unable to get an erection. Kevin's stressor for the week was the Facebook friend requests from these random scantily clad ladies from far away lands. We decided it was likely a bot trying to access people's accounts. Block 'em!

It should come as no surprise that our 13th episode is all about the fear of the number 13, or triskaidekaphobia. David joked he thought that it was the fear of Triscuits, although he may have been serious. Kevin has no issues with the number 13 as he's not superstitious. David is hyper superstitious and has found himself adjusting his like to avoid 13 such as when he asked the hotel clerk to move his room after finding out he was assigned room 1313. 

Kevin shares some highlights from his research on the topic. For example, the fear of the number 13 dates back to some outlandish date B.C., which David jokes is "before Cher." And there were some pretty significant tragedies that occurred on the 13th. In Apollo 13, the engine died on the 13th. The Costa Concordia cruise ship accident also occurred on the 13th. Then there is Friday the 13th - doubly scary. 

Kevin also shares some research about other cultures. In China and other asian counties, the numbers 4 and 14 are also sources of superstitions. In Italy, it's the number 17. In Afghanistan, it's the curse of the number 39 although we have no idea why. 

David raised the link between the numbers 13 and 666. Kevin does a quick Google search to discover the source of the 666 fear. It's biblical. And in some texts it's actually the number 616. All of the talk about 666 and numbers of the beast started to get David all riled up. We know how he feels about demonic possessions. 

The episode wraps up with a fast-paced hop across 350 other topics before landing on our signature closing, "Life is crazy. You don't have to be." 

E12 - I Got Friends in Tight Places

Why are there pockets of no wifi? It's 2017 for crying out loud. Clearly, David's stressor of the week is crappy wifi. We pay a fortune for Internet and cell service and we shouldn't have to suffer from "buffering." Kevin's stressor was the fear that the things we talk about during the podcast may be coming true. He tells the story of his friend, Tanya, who almost lost some serious cash at the ATM because it malfunctioned and ate her money. Damn!

David raises the topic of the week, his fear of closed spaces. Claustrophobia strikes about 5-10% of the global population. That seems low. How can anyone not be claustrophobic? Just the thought of being trapped and restricted gives David the shivers. David does tell a funny story about when he was a young teenager and hid under his friend's mattress in hopes of catching her make out with her boyfriend. He got caught when the boyfriend reached over the side of the bed and accidentally touched David's face. Surprise! David was glad he got caught because the claustrophobia was close to choking the life from him. 

Somehow we get onto the topic of Baby Jessica and the well, only to discover that she posed nude in Playboy recently. David responds with, "She went from the well to Well Hello!" Then the two list out all of the places someone with Claustrophobia should avoid: back seats of coupe cars, coffins, elevators, photo booths, empty fridges, dressing rooms, closets, etc. 

The episode closes with a strange conversation about porno outdoor theaters. No idea how we got there. 

E11 - The Bridge to Terrorbithia

This episode is all about the fear of bridges. Both Kevin and David get seriously freaked out while driving over large bridges, and they share frighteningly funny stories about their experiences. 

The episode kicks off with a friendly reminder to visit iTunes and rate the podcast. iTunes ratings are critical to podcasts and they help other listeners find us.

The conversation moves to the the weekly "what stressed YOU out?" segment. Kevin tells the story of a recent visit he made to Target. While he was in line, probably buying a board game, he watched as a toddler teethed on a filthy carriage handle. Gross! David nearly vomits at the thought of the germs that must reside on those handles. Somehow the conversations turns to Kevin's grandmother's love of Vick's vapo rub smeared on Ritz crackers, which then raised the topic of people who eat strange things like deodorant and sticks of margarine. It's real. 

David shares a story of a recent train ride he took in which he was convinced there could be a terrorist. He kept looking over his shoulder toward the cabin door to make sure no one was coming. To make matters worse, David's terror fear follows him onto the sidewalks of NYC because he was afraid to walk to the hotel because a crazed driver could plow him down. What a sick mind David has! David does try to logically talk himself out of his fear by referencing a graphic he saw that displays various sized circles that represent the number of people globally who die from a specific cause. Guess what the smallest circle was? Terrorism. People in the US have a greater chance of being hit by a unicorn riding a meteor. 

Kevin raises the main topic, his fear of driving over bridges or gephyrophobia. His fear is based on the idea that his car might get pushed or bumped off the side causing his car to plummet into the water. He has to hold his breath until he's beyond the bridge. That can't be safe. Kevin shares a story that took place on a bridge between Point Pleasant, West Virginia and Gallipolis, OH in 1967.  At Christmas, this suspension bridge failed and collapsed, resulting in 46 deaths. Don't google the list of worst bridge collapses. It's not pretty.  Somehow the conversation turns to The Mothman Prophecies. 

Kevin has some positive news to share that could help people with a bridge fear. There are several companies in the US that will drive you over a bridge if you are unable to. The Maryland Transportation Service Department used to offer these services but now they all seem to be privatized. These services are popping up al over the US. The Mackinac bridge in MI offers this service as does the Tappen Zee bridge in NYC. Some people will actually pay extra to be locked n their car trunk because they are so scared of driving over a bridge. Perhaps to keep his sanity, Kevin turns the conversation to The Bridges of Madison County. 


E10 - The Ocean is Snot Fun

The episode starts off with some housekeeping items such as a review of our social media and website and call to action to rate and review us on iTunes. Then we jump into the discussion of what stressed us out that week. David raises the topic of dust. After receiving a rather strange look from Kevin, he offers a more detailed description. David clarifies that by dust he is not referring to the Philip Pullman trilogy, His Dark Materials, in which dust is a metaphor for sin. If that were the case, David would be buried up to his chin in dust. Instead, David was talking about actual dust in his house. Where the heck does the dust come from? Kevin offered a theory from the Robert Fulghum book, All I really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten. Dust is meteor residue. So don't panic about the dust as it's a piece of our universe. Ugh. Sounds like an excuse to not dust the house. 

Kevin then shares his week's stressor: A dangling booger. He talked about the anxiety he gets when he sneezes and then thinks he might have snot hanging out of his nose. The conversation quickly turn to personal stories of seeing someone with a "dangler." Kevin offered a tip to discreetly inform someone they have a snot issue. He suggests you approach them and tell them they have some dry skin there (as you point to your own nose.) "hey, you've got some dry skin there!" Sounds gentle enough. We'll have to test it out. 

David then raises his big topic. He tells Kevin he's terrified of the ocean. He does balance that by sharing that he finds the ocean to be both terrifying and beautiful. Kevin immediately jumps in and says the ocean is all terrifying. It's clear Kevin will not offer much comfort to David this week. David runs through the list of ocean-based fears: sharks, barracuda, stingrays, jellyfish, goliath groupers (you gotta check out our Instagram for pics). How can we live in the Ocean State and be afraid of the ocean? David goes so far as to tell Kevin he looks for sharks in pools. 

The conversation ends with the weekly tagline: Life is crazy. You don't have to be." It's kind of catchy. 


E9 - Granny Smiths in the Basement and Flowers in the Attic

How many of us have a fear of basements? I'm guessing all of us. Is it a fear of the unknown? What about monsters? Spiders? Kevin and David eventually tackle all of those questions but first they talk about what stressed them out this week. 

David starts by talking about how the universe id out to get him because he's allergic to just about everything: coconuts, almonds, soy and now Granny Smith apples. When he eats one his tongue and throat get all itchy and swollen. He references an article published on in which research suggests that this tingling sensation is actually a response to pollen. Kevin then reveals that he, too, has the sample sensation when he eats celery. Everyone should just stop eating fruits and vegetables. Kevin suggests a diet of Cheese-Its and mayo.

Kevin shares his stressor of the week, the agonizing decision as to whether or not to commit to a tv show. Both hosts shared stories of the countless weekends of binge walking shows like Lost and True Blood. Committing to a tv show is not a decision one should make lightly. PS: Somehow the conversation turned to Cher. LOL

For the big topic, Kevin describes his childhood fear of basements. When he was 14 his mom told him that their house used to be a funeral parlor. OMG! And there was an embalming fluid tank in the basement. Although he never saw a ghost or demon, his mother was convinced that "basement people" would come out at night. I believe her. Although David should be trying to calm Kevin down, he reveals his own fear of the basement. He even has stuff piled up next to the basement door because he refuses to go into the basement if no one is home. And he's a grown man. 

The duo finally arrive at the conclusion that the fear is irrational but legit - if that's possible. I don't think either has truly gotten over the fear but David did commit to going ingot he basement alone as soon as the show was over. Let's wait to see if there's an episode 10.

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Chill Pill - Putting Stress Relief Tips to the Test

Kevin introduces a list of 45-second stress relief tips from and invited David to debate whether anyone would actually benefit from trying them. 

Tip 1 - Read a poem. Needless to say, this was not a popular suggestion. Who reads Sylvia Plath when they are stressed? Any did you know Dr. Suess published Nazi cartoons. WTF?

Tip 2 - Blow off some steam. This might be effective if you heard someone say "Hi, my name is Off Some Steam." And I have no idea show we got onto the topic of sublingual vitamin B12. 

Tip 3 - Follow your nose. A citrus fruit peel will take your stress away. Nope. David kills this theory because he's been putting a lemon twist in his martini every night and he's still a hot mess. 

Tip 4 - Elevate your brain. This is all about meditation and putting positive thoughts out into the universe especially knowing that we have an episode coming about about the vastness of the universe. Ugh. That sounds stressful. 

Tip 5 - Pump up your jam. This is a no-brainer. Music heals everything.

Tip 6 - Don't forget to breathe. Well, duh. If we didn't breathe, we'd be dead. 

Tip 7 - Chuckle. David tests this one and every child within 5 miles started to scream and cry. I guess you need the right kind of chuckle. 

Tip 8 - Organize. We spend most of this segment talking about the erection Kevin gets when he enters The Container Store. And can someone help David organize his Tupperware cabinet? 

Tip 9 - Snuggle up. Just not with a Snuggie. That would be weird and would likely cause more stress. The tip suggested stroking soft things. Hmmm.

Tip 10 - Chow down. Eat and drink to relax. Given the size of the average American body, we should have a relaxed culture. Clearly that is not accurate, Have you ever seen the video of the woman who attacks the McDonald's drive-thru window because they ran out of chicken nuggets? This tip is B.S. 

Chill Pill - Relaxing Music

Music can be relaxing but it can also be quite subjective. I may find piano music relaxing while someone else may find Metallica calming. In this episode, Kevin reads an article he found online in which scientists list the top 10 songs that make people happy. The litmus test was based on the degree to which subjects brains were positively affected by the music. The #1 song is Don't Stop Me Now by Queen. Who knew? 

I prefer Celine Dion. Kevin finds Britney Spear relaxing. I couldn't disagree more. 

We end the discussion with a call to action. We ask listeners to pull up some relaxing music and see how well it works to relax them. 

E6 - The Hills Have Eyeworms

The conversation starts with Kevin talking about 90s toys such as Pogs, Pokemon, Animaniacs and Tamagotchis. I am clueless about these toys as I was in college in the 90s and was focused more on Chaucer and liberal protests. 

The conversation moves into the segment on what stressed us out that week. I describe my frustration with losing socks in the laundry. I know, cliche topic but where do they go? After arguing through all of the possibilities Kevin suggests the socks likely get sucked into the drum of the dryer, which makes me even more anxious as that would be a fire hazard. Kevin reminds listeners to empty the lint filter, which was a tip he learned from Karen Kilgariff on the My Favorite Murder podcast. Thanks, Karen!

Kevin shares his anxiety about getting short-changed at an ATM. I can think of a million things more likely to give me anxiety. Then it occurred to me that I actually don't count the money that I get from an ATM so maybe I have been short-changed. Not surprisingly, the discussion turns to identity theft and pharmacists. 

At 14:10 into the podcast, Kevin raises his main topic: the fear of getting his contact lenses stuck behind his eyes. I don't wear contact lenses so I have not thought much about this topic but Kevin offers a compelling analysis as to why this was a real fear of his. The conversation toggles between Kevin's research and myths about cross-eyed children. 

Kevin was relieved to discover that it is impossible for contact lenses to roll back behind the eyes because there is some fancy membrane that stops junk from getting back there. However, he then realizes he has a new fear of eye infections. Think about that. You can get gonorrhea, herpes, and a whole suite of other infections in your eyes. Kevin focuses on an infection called loiasis, better known as eye worms. Stay away from central Africa, which is home to the deer and mango flies - the carriers of eye worm eggs. If you ever wanted to see a picture of eye worms, check out our Instagram (TerrifyinglyB). Somehow the conversation shifts to eyelash mites. Kevin claims that 50% of the population have eyelash mites. I think it's closer to 100%. What do you think?

Shockingly, the discussion circles back to David's allergies and the plethora of medications he's taking to find relief. Tootie, Kevin's adorable Chihuahua, makes an appearance on the episode. Normally, she stays idle on her Brittany Spears pillow but she decides to stand up and make little piggy noises. 

We end the conversation on uplifting topics: genocide and Elizabeth Taylor's double eyelashes. You're welcome. 

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Chill Pill - Challenge Your Comfort Zone

We launched our first Chill Pill episode in which we offer some witty advice on dealing with anxiety and anxiety disorders. Anxiety can hold us back from doing the things that we love or could love. We challenge our listeners do something today that they wouldn't normally do or do something that scares them a little. The intention is to begin facing our fears head on, rather than having those fears control us. 

We'd love to hear your story so feel to reach out to us at And don't forget to leave us a review on iTunes!

Terrifyingly Beautiful E5 - Barbie Scream House

Welcome to the show notes for episode 5 of Terrifyingly Beautiful, a humorous podcast about anxiety. 

After a comically awkward opening, David and Kevin review a summary of past episode corrections, like when David referred to Area 51 as Area 57 and confused Cheryl Tiegs with Cheryl Ladd. David shares an email from a woman whose husband uses a glove to pump the gas, so it's not just us who think gas pumps are covered in fecal matter and germs. 

Kevin describes the anxiety he feels while waiting for his suitcase in baggage claim while David reveals that he thinks he's dying of knee cancer - simply because his knee hurts. No wonder David had to block WebMD from his browser. 

For the main discussion, David shares that he is terrified of dolls. He recounts the dolls his sisters had and the possessed teddy bear his partner brought into the house. To strengthen his case, David tells two haunted doll stories. The first was about Annabelle, the doll depicted in The Conjuring. The second involved the scary doll, Robert, that is now housed in a museum in Key West. And whatever you do, do not take a picture of Robert without his permission.

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Terrifyingly Beautful's Anxietini 2 - Our Anxiety-filled Trip to Cuba!

Welcome to the show notes for Terrifyingly Beautiful's second mini episode... All about Cuba. The Cuba trip was literally a terrifyingly beautiful experience.

We talk about the sheer terror we experienced in the days leading up to our trip. Would Cuba be safe? Are Americans really allowed to travel there? How much cash do I need? What if I run out? Ugh. Too much stress.

We light-heartedly banter about the accommodations, the crappy classic cars, the potholes as large as Delaware, and the single piece of toilet paper that the entire country was pining after. 

Kevin had a vastly different experience in Cuba than me. Although I started the trip feeling as though I was touring Aleppo, I ended the trip with a sincere love for Havana. I would definitely return, but without Kevin and with 12 rolls of 2-ply toilet paper. I wasn't kidding about that one sheet. 

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Terrifyingly Beautiful's Anxietini 1 - We Read a Listener's Email

Welcome to the show notes for the first mini episode of Terrifyingly Beautiful. 

We love, love, love you, our listeners. You're way funnier than we are, and some of you are way more anxious - although that's hard to believe. In this mini episode, We read an email from "K.C." (we used her initials to protect her from trolls, stalkers, and the staff from the hotel whose bathroom she destroyed). 

It turns out "K.C." loved our Poop podcast so much she just had to write in to share a story about the early stages of the relationship between she and her boyfriend. A few months after dating, they were staying at a hotel and she got up first to get her bathroom business done. Well, her "business" was just a hair too big to flush and it caused a bit of a backflow issue. With no plunger or an escape hatch available, she had no choice but to call on her boyfriend to save the day. There's noting like a humiliating poop situation to bring two lovebirds together. 

Everything worked out just fine. "K.C." reports that she and the boyfriend are still together and their take on the whole thing is, "if our relationship can survive that, we'll be together for eternity." 

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Terrifyingly Beautiful E1 - Salad Bars and Tollbooths

Welcome to Terrifyingly Beautiful, a humorous podcast in which two anxious guys try to talk their way through some of their biggest fears. The premise is simple, each episode starts with a brief conversation about what has made each of them anxious that week. Then the conversation moves to the main topic. In this section, either David or Kevin shares hilarious personal stories about a topic that scares the shit out of them. The other then tries to alleviate the anxiety. Does it aways work? Nope. But you'll have fun listening to them try. 

In this kick-off episode, David takes fear of germs to a new level. We all know someone who is germophobic, but a fear of salad bars? David reveals to Kevin that when he sees a salad bar all he can envision are the 14 million people who used the salad bar previously - with their grimy fingers and runny noses. Anything with a sneeze guard has to be scary, right? David describes his recent visit to a salad bar where he witnessed a man pick his nose then grab a handful of green beans from the bar. Gasp!

The conversation takes many turns covering everything from the safety and cleanliness of hotel rooms to the anxiety one feels when finding insects in the house. By the way, has anyone else walked into your new hotel room only to find someone else already occupying it? We'd love to hear those stories. Reach us at

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