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Terrifyingly Beautiful E5 - Barbie Scream House

Welcome to the show notes for episode 5 of Terrifyingly Beautiful, a humorous podcast about anxiety. 

After a comically awkward opening, David and Kevin review a summary of past episode corrections, like when David referred to Area 51 as Area 57 and confused Cheryl Tiegs with Cheryl Ladd. David shares an email from a woman whose husband uses a glove to pump the gas, so it's not just us who think gas pumps are covered in fecal matter and germs. 

Kevin describes the anxiety he feels while waiting for his suitcase in baggage claim while David reveals that he thinks he's dying of knee cancer - simply because his knee hurts. No wonder David had to block WebMD from his browser. 

For the main discussion, David shares that he is terrified of dolls. He recounts the dolls his sisters had and the possessed teddy bear his partner brought into the house. To strengthen his case, David tells two haunted doll stories. The first was about Annabelle, the doll depicted in The Conjuring. The second involved the scary doll, Robert, that is now housed in a museum in Key West. And whatever you do, do not take a picture of Robert without his permission.

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