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E17 - We Hate Everyone Named Melissa

Calm down, Melissas. We love you. We just hate bees. And the fear of bees, coincidentally, is called Melissaphobia. Who knew?

Kevin kicks off the conversation with stories of his anxiety associated with taking out the trash. There's too much to screw up. Did I place recyclables in the wrong container? Are my trash bins facing the correct way? Did I place yard waste in the regular trash bin?

Then David shares his anxiety of being crammed into a crowded bus. He was returning from a trip and needed to get from the airport to the train station, and a friend recommended the commuter bus. Big mistake. It was 30 minutes of screaming children and BO. This is why God created Uber. #neveragain

Kevin then raises the topic that we've been waiting for, bees! He does raise some good points. Bees are the most deadly non-human animal, Not sure if this is true but it definitely supports our fear. We learn the difference between a European honey bee and an Africanized honey bee. It's surprising actually. European honey bees will give you about 20 seconds before it sees you as a threat. The Africanized honey bee will give you about 3 seconds. And the Africanized bees will pursue you for a longer distance. They aren't any more venomous but they are aggressive, which makes them more dangerous. 

Kevin recommends watching the movie, Swarm. Apparently every actor is in it. He also teaches us how to say Michael Caine the same way he does, Just say My Cocaine. LOL. It works. And staying on the movie theme, Kevin talks about the movie, My Girl. Remember Macauley Culkin dies at the end from bee stings. 

David shares his story of getting attacked by mud wasps when he was a kid. 30 stings. Ouch. And David learns that you shouldn't stay still if bees attack, which was always the advise people would give, you. The experts say you should run until they bees no longer pursue you. Now that's good advice.